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Friederike Westerhaus in conversation with ...

Before the performances we would like to give you some background information. NDR presenter Friederike Westerhaus will converse with the artists about the developments and motivations behind their work. 

Festival centre (free admission)

Tue 17.05. — 6:00 pm
… the vision string quartet

Wed 18.05. — 8:45 pm
Clara Frühstück and Samuel Schaab (Raue Einstellungsbilder) as well as Genevieve Murphy (I Don’t Want To Be An Individual All On My Own)

Sun 22.05. — 2:00 pm
Rainer Hofmann and Beate Schüler (KunstFestSpiele dramaturgy) and the artists Ula Sickle (Relay) and Moritz Ostruschnjak (Tanzanweisungen)

Tue 24.05 — 6:00 pm
Bo Wiget and Wolfgang Katschner (Fugenpark)

Thu 26.05. — 5:30 pm
Stephanie Thiersch and Brigitta Muntendorf (Bilderschlachten)



Audience discussions

The audience takes centre stage here. This is an invitation to discuss the performances afterwards around small tables with wine and snacks. 

We are convinced that works of art are only completed by their viewers, and we’re curious about the varied perceptions they will bring about. No one has to guess the artists’ intentions – it’s one’s own impressions that count here. We’re looking forward to animated conversation about the performances and concerts.

Festival centre (free admission)

Fri 13.05. — 10:15 pm
after The Lingering Now

Sat 21.05. — 9:00 pm
after Pierrot lunaire

Thu 26.05. — 9:15 pm
after Bilderschlachten

The follow-up talk format is based on the format 'It's your turn', which was developed by MOUVOIR / Stephanie Thiersch as part of the GASTGEBERSCHAFT project funded by Tanzpakt and in cooperation with tanzhaus nrw.



Art & Cuisine

with freitagsküche

freitagsküche extends an invitation to two unusual culinary evenings inspired by the KunstFestSpiele presentations. The menus are derived from the themes of the performances. Afterwards viewers can discuss their experiences and associations, and the artists will put in an appearance in the course of the evening.

Sun 15.05. — 7:15 pm
between Orangerie and Galerie
(Tickets 10 Euro)

Folk dancing and the village community, the source of inspiration for ANΩNYMO, are the basis of the freitagsküche menu.

Fri 27.05. — 10:00 pm
after Symphonia Harmoniæ Cælestium Revelationum
(Admission with ticket for the performance)

Nature, love, mysticism, the divine – freitagsküche goes Hildegard von Bingen.


Introduction to rwḥ 1–4

with Ingo Metzmacher

Ingo Metzmacher, artistic director of the KunstFestSpiele, gives an introduction to
rwḥ 1 – 4, by Mark Andre. The conductor talks about this spatial composition at its venue 45 minutes before the premiere.

Sun 15.05. — 10:15 am
Introduction to rwḥ 1 – 4
HCC Kuppelsaal
(Admission with ticket for the performance)

Artist Talk on The Cube

with Andrea Božić and Julia Willms

The municipal gallery KUBUS and the KunstFestSpiele extend an invitation to an artist talk in good KUBUS tradition. Director Anne Prenzler and Rainer Hofmann, head dramaturge of the KunstFestSpiele, converse with Andrea Božić and Julia Willms about their audio-visual installation The Cube, which is on show at the KUBUS. The two artists will talk about their varied output between video, installation, performance and choreography, about crossing boundaries and the experience of nature, about their work in the contexts of visual art, theatre and festivals.       

Sun 29.05. — 2:00 pm
Artist talk on The Cube
(Free admission)




The festival centre is accessible at ground level, with a lawn serving as the underground. Toilets for people with disabilities are located at the cash desk of Schloss Herrenhausen. The venues for Art & Cuisine (Orangenparterre and the space between Orangerie and Galerie) are accessible without steps. See HCC Kuppelsaal and Städtische Galerie KUBUS for information on access the venues. See Accessibility for more information.



Currently no covid related restrictions are applied to our performances. However, we still recommend wearing an FFP2 mask indoors, following general hygiene rules and maintaining distance where possible.


In die Gärten mit...

Every year the KunstFestSpiele invite outstanding artists to Hanover. With our podcast we would like to give our audience the opportunity to hear about what these practitioners are currently working on, what concerns them personally and how they perceive the Herrenhäuser Gardens. The radio journalist Juliane Reil meets selected artists before and during the KunstFestSpiele and joins them in conversation in the gardens. They can choose whether to walk in the Großer Garten, the Berggarten or the public Georgengarten. The gardens, we frequently observe, and Leibniz already knew, are wonderful places for intense conversation and discussion. Try it for yourself.

The conversations from the past two festivals can still be heard on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts or Spotify under ‘KunstFestSpiele’.

We wish you good listening.