Awareness / Mutual Respect

The KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen are actively committed to a culture of mutual respect. The festival is a place where people with very different biographies, interests, beliefs and social backgrounds can come together. Freedom of opinion and mindfulness form the shared basis for a lived diversity.

It is our aim to make the KunstFestSpiele free from discrimination – for audiences, artists, staff and all our partners. This means that any form of discrimination, violence and the violation of boundaries, such as racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, sexism, anti-LGBTQIA* hostility, classism, ageism and unequal treatment on the grounds of physical or mental difference will not be tolerated. The protection of anyone experiencing such treatment is a matter of the highest priority for us.


Awareness team

In order to provide active support to anyone affected by discrimination, violence and the violation of boundaries during the festival, the KunstFestSpiele team includes staff with ongoing anti-discrimination training. Members of this awareness team can be recognised during the festival by their yellow badges. You can also speak to other festival staff if you would like to contact the awareness team.

We know we don’t have experience in all areas of accessibility and intercultural awareness, so we need your help too. We would like to learn and improve from our experience and yours, and therefore depend on your feedback.

The KunstFestSpiele team is involved in a continual process of sensitisation. KunstFestSpiele staff have already participated in a workshop on racism and discrimination, and further anti-discrimination training is planned.


How to contact us

You can reach us in various ways. If you have experienced discrimination at the KunstFestSpiele, you can speak directly to the nearest team member. Or you can contact us by email on or call us on +49 151 40651757. All contacts will be dealt with in strict confidentiality.