Gro├čer Garten

Herrenhäuser Straße 4, 30419 Hannover

Bus & Train
From central main station 'Kröpcke' you can take the U-Bahn 4 to Stöcken or U-Bahn 5 to Garbsen, in approx. 10 min exit at station 'Herrenhäuser Gärten'

Car & Parking
The visitor's parking area for the Großer Garten is subject to charges and is located inside Hanover's Umweltzone. For the visitor's parking area enter the direction Herrenhäuser Straße 1, 30419 Hannover into the navigation device. From the parking area its a 5-7min walk to the entrance and the festival center.

Access to Großer Garten is barrier-free. Access to the stage level of the Gartentheater, where the performance Pan~//Catwalk takes place, is accessible via steps only and therefore unfortunately is not barrier-free. Access to the sound installation A memory of, memory of, memory of, on the other hand, is barrier-free.

There are gravel paths within Großer Garten. Specifically for the KunstFestSpiele events that will take place in the Großer Garten, three wheelchairs will be available to be borrowed in the area of the ticket offices of the Schlossmuseum, if needed. When visiting the Großer Garten, please make sure you wear weatherproof clothing and sturdy shoes. See Accessibility for more information.