Meeting Ingo Metzmacher
Personal conversations with our director

Sun 31.05.2020 - 16:00 till 18:00

Meet Ingo Metzmacher, the director of KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen and world-renowned conductor for a small personal exchange. In a 5-minute online video chat, you can ask questions or maybe share stories or experiences with Ingo Metzmacher. The conversation is not streamed or broadcast, but remains in the trusting atmosphere of a two-way conversation.
Each participant has 5 minutes of talk time. It is a short get-to-know-you, which can then be resumed with a glass of wine during the KunstFestSpiele in autumn.

If you want to participate, please send us a short email with your name here. Afterwards, we will assign the times to each participant. Shortly before the start you will receive a link to the conversation.

Language Deutsch