Proximity & Distance
An interview with Eszter Salamon

Thu 28.05.2020 - 20:30 till 21:30

The works of the choreographer, dancer and performer Eszter Salamon have been an integral part of the contemporary theater, art and dance scene for over two decades.
In particular, the MONUMENT-series, of which MONUMENT 0.4: LORES & PRAXES (rituals of transformation) was already shown at the KunstFestSpiele in 2018 and of which with MONUMENT 0.7: M/OTHERS another part is announced for autumn 2020, is getting much attention internationally.
In conversation with the dramaturge Stephan Buchberger, she talks about the need for contact and proximity for her work, talks about the relationship across different generations and in families and addresses the current circumstances.

The conversation will be broadcast as an audio interview.

Language Englisch
Duration 1h