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Thu 27.05. to Sun 06.06. - daily 11:00 - 23:00

This year there will once again be a festival center with a unique atmosphere between the Ehrenhof and the Orangerie, for the entire duration of the KunstFestSpiele. Together with the freitagsküche, the KunstFestSpiele will create a new place that will make conversations and interactions as well as a relaxed stay and culinary catering possible outdoors, even under conditions of a pandemic. Unfortunately, only the cheerful partying and dancing will have to be cancelled this time. The Feinkost Lampe concerts will be moved to another venue.



‘Food is talk by other means,’ say the freitagsküche chefs. In their philosophy, food is the medium to initiate togetherness and communicate art. The many social aspects of shared meals and ‘cuisine as ritual space’ are central to the art cooks’ idea of cooking and talk, sharing and discussion, dispute and reflection – and eating together.

This spring the freitagsküche have adapted to the current situation and invented a new format. Following the artist talks, audiences can enjoy exquisite snacks and tapas in the Festivalzelt – while still socially distancing, of course. So a culinary experience of the artists is part of this year’s festival too. Once again the food offered by the freitagsküche has a direct connection to the KunstFestSpiele performers, whose favourite or requested dishes are also available during the day, not just after the performances and talks.

This year you can even take away culinary souvenir from the new freitagsküche larder and eat it at home. For the duration of the festival the tent will again be a dining area that responds to the artists and performances, and where there will always be a personal story or two to discover.


Feinkost Lampe concerts in the festival tent

All four Feinkost Lampe concerts are examples of electro-acoustic sound research. They explore the sonic richness that comes about when acoustic instruments and classically inspired compositions enter into new syntheses with electronics.

Each artist creates a completely different musical world. Niklas Paschburg banks up his neo-classical pieces and almost purist piano-playing with club-like intensity into wide-ranging synthescapes or has them hover away like fragile will-o’-the-whisps.

The Bulgarian-German pianist and singer Lisa Morgenstern combines dramatic compositions with experimental pop music, classical elements and her uniquely emotional performance.

The concert of French composer and violinist Chapelier Fou, whose bewitchingly indescribable music varies between classical and electronic, lo-hi sound and cinematic ambiance is fulfilling a long-held wish for the Feinkost Lampe team.

Equally at home in the world of film, contemporary art and theatre is the young Polish composer and pianist Hania Rani. She unites European influences from East and West into a musical language of her own, and will present her third album, due for release this summer, with the cellist Dobrawa Czocher.

Sun 16.05. – 21:00 
Niklas Paschburg

Sat 22.05. – 21:00 
Chapelier Fou

Sat 29.05. – 21:00 / warm up ab 19:00
Lisa Morgenstern
wandkontakt (DJ Set)

Sun 06.06. – 21:00 / warm up ab 19:00
Hania Rani & Dobrawa Czocher
Herr Wieland (DJ-Set)


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