Jordi Galí

Performance / Sculpture
German premiere
Mon 01.05. — from 15:00
Tue 02.05. — from 17:00
Wed 03.05. — from 17:00

From the first of May onward the temporary sculpture Maibaum will be set up on three days in the publicly accessible Georgengarten. The approximately 12-meter-high object will be assembled and raised each day in a three-hour performance. Viewers and passers-by are invited to stay as long as they like to watch the performers at work and follow the assembly process. In the end a walk-in sculpture is created from hundreds of cords and a large mast, and through exactly coordinated sequences and gestures.

The Spanish dancer and choreographer Jordi Galí, who has worked with Teresa de Keersmaeker and Maguy Marin, among others, explores the relationship between body and object at the boundary of performance and architecture. For him a central role is played by the balance between the idea of an arrangement of objects and the sum of the movements necessary to produce it.

Galí’s ephemeral installation Maibaum is carefully woven and set up by the performers several times. The constant interplay between the quality of the movements, the selected material and the laws of physics develops a particular charm. Only at the end of this three-hour choreography does the meaning and necessity of each individual hand movement or path reveal itself, when the monumental spatial volume of the sculptural form appears and can be entered. The performers are artist and craftspeople alike. The fiction of fantastical construction arises from their exactly coordinated sequences, which they carry out wordlessly like dancers according to secret plan.

With Anne-Sophie Gabert, Jordi Galí, Lea Helmstädter, Julien Quartier, Jeanne Vallauri

Price Free entry

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