Opening hours
Sat 19.05. till Sun 03.06. – 11:00 till 24:00
Spiegelzelt Opening Fri 18.05. – 21:30
Admission is free to the Spiegelzelt and all concerts

With its unique atmosphere, the redesigned Spiegelzelt will again serve as a lively festival centre between the Ehrenhof and the Orangerie for the entire duration of the KunstFestSpiele.
freitagsküche, from Frankfurt, provide a culinary and artistic backdrop for all participants and visitors to the festival and gardens: during the day as a café and canteen, in the evening as a bar and restaurant. Here artists and audience can meet in a relaxed atmosphere or take a look inside the kitchen. Openness and variety are the principles of both Spiegelzelt and freitagsküche. On seven selected evenings the restaurant will again host its popular post-performance dinners, where performers and their public become more personally acquainted over food, drink and informal conversation.
Like last year, the club programme of concerts, DJ sets and premier parties is curated by Feinkost Lampe the spatial-sound specialists from Hanover-Linden, making the Spiegelzelt an exciting festival meeting place.



Feinkost Lampe concerts and parties

Spiegelzelt Festivalzentrum Ecke
Fri 18.05. — 21:30
Opening Party
Damian Marhulets (DJ-Set) – Hysterical Breakbeat Show, Kitch‘n‘Glitch, Decomposed Grooves, Lo-Pop Diamondstakt
Sebastian Plano
Wed 23.05. — Warm-Up 19:00 / Start 21:00
Sebastian Plano – contemporary compositions, electro-acoustic Cello arrangements
+ wandkontakt (DJ-Set)
John Kameel Farah
Fri 25.05. — Warm-Up 19:00 / Start 21:00
John Kameel Farah – Maximalism, electro-acoustic piano compositions
+ Stoff (DJ-Set)
Girls in Airport
Tue 29.05. — Warm-Up 19:00 / Start 21:00
Girls in Airport – UrbanNuJazz, Rhythm n ́Sax
Kay Le Fay (DJ-Set)

Micha Phonem – Plattenpolytour
Wed 30.05. — starting at 19:00
Plattenpolytour – Micha Phonem
before and after the concert by Sarah Neufeld at the Galerie
Spiegelzelt Party
Sun 21.05. — 20:00
Closing Party
Herr Wieland (DJ-Set)


freitagsküche Mitarbeiter gesucht

Tickets Tischgespräche 18 Euro (1 meal including 1 drink)
Bar will stay open during the Tischgespräche

In an informal and personal atmosphere, people can come together over good food and drink and get into conversation. For our „Tischgespräche“ the artists inspire the cooks to special dishes, creating a bridge from art to kitchen. Finally, the bowls are on the table and thus provide for the first casual contact. The context of eating together inspires the conversations and creates personal access. This creates a different view on both sides, which has an effect on the perception of the performances. And if you haven’t seen the performance, you can simply spend a good evening here.
The „freitagsküche“ was founded in 2004 in Frankfurt am Main to shape the city`s cultural life. As an art project and mediation format, it is regularly a guest by many international cultural institutions.

Sat 19.05. — 21:00
Tischgespräche 1 for Lecture on Nothing / This Here and that There / Best of All / What Can

Mon 21.05. — 21:00
Tischgespräche 2 for GrauSchumacher Piano Duo

Tue 22.05. — 21:00
Tischgespräche 3 for Rima Kamel

Sun 27.05. — 19:00
Tischgespräche 4 for Ascension in Noise / Kabinett Ferrari

Thu 31.05. — 21:30
Tischgespräche 5 for An Index of Metals – false twins

Fri 01.06. — 21:30
Tischgespräche 6 for Tabea Zimmermann

Sat 02.06. — 21:00
Tischgespräche 7 for MONUMENT 0.4: LORES & PRAXES / ZVIZDAL