For the first time the KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen will raffle a total of 30 FestivalFlatrate-Passes to students, trainees and voluntary social year workers. This FF-Pass enables the winners to visit every event of the KunstFestSpiele 2017 for free.

It is our goal to afford every young art aficionado the possibility to visit the events of the KunstFestSpiele. In 2016 we already installed a 50% reduction on all tickets for students, trainees and voluntary social year workers – of course this offer will be available in 2017, too. With the FF-Pass we go one step further.


This is how it works

Students of all disciplines, trainees and voluntary social year workers can apply for the FF-Pass by mail with the subject line 'FF-Pass 2017' to info@kunstfestspiele.de. Applications are possible until 18.04.2017, please send a valid verification for your status. 

The festival team of the KunstFestSpiele will pick 30 winners, all winners will choose all events they want to visit in a form beforehand until late April 2017. These tickets will be reserved at the box office at the day of the event to be picked up in person.